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certified courses

Fire Warden Course

A comprehensive course for up to 12 people designed to give key staff the skills and knowledge they need to be authorised Fire Wardens. The course content includes:

Background and Objectives

Why fire safety training, legal responsibilities, how fires start

Building Protection

Structural protection, fire alarms, fire detection, emergency lighting, fire doors, lifts and much more

Human behaviour in fire

A review of peoples behaviour in emergencies quoting the latest research findings

Role of the Fire Warden (i)

General fire prevention and best practice, fire safety surveys and fire safety hazard reporting

Role of the Fire Warden (ii)

Action on discovering a fire, raising the alarm, evacuation and assembly procedures

The Fire Extinguisher

Use and capabilities, types of fire, fire blankets and fire hoses


A review followed by a question and answer session with competency testing if required

Fire Warden courses are designed around the time available for staff to attend and are usually between three to six hours training time

fire safety TRAINING

Kelburn Risk Management can provide you with everything you need for fire safety training.

Fire Safety is a serious business, but that doesn't mean it must be boring!

We specialise in bespoke basic, intermediate and advanced fire safety training courses, delivered in a relaxed, informal but engaging style, and designed to protect your people and premises while helping you comply with current legislation.

Read on to discover how we can help make your organisation a safer place!

in addition to A safety consultancy we can provide:


Fire safety training the way YOU want it!


At Kelburn Risk Management, we understand that every client is different. Different businesses, different premises, different needs and that's why we tailor our fire safety training courses to your precise and particular needs.

And whatever those needs happen to be, from basic fire safety awareness training through to Fire Warden courses or Incident Responders courses, you can be sure that every course is designed to be interesting, engaging and, just as importantly, informative!

The result?

A custom designed fire safety training programme that takes full account of your existing policies and procedures to deliver the maximum possible benefit for every employee. We can also add a competency test at the end of each course if required.

Non certified courses

Basic Fire Extinguisher Course

This is a one hour course designed to train your staff so that they can competently use fire extinguishers; we use a mix of electronic media, presentations and manual handling techniques underpinned by years of practical professional experience.

Fire Awareness and Evacuation Procedures

Reduce the risk of a disaster happening with these customised courses that teach the importance of fire awareness as well as reinforcing your existing evacuation procedures.

Kitchen Safety

A training course designed for commercial kitchens, identifying the significant hazards within the kitchen environment and practical advice in using fire extinguishers; covering scenarios such as deep fat frying. This course can be condensed into a one hour session that can be held at the end of a shift.

Incident Responder Course

This is an advanced fire safety training course designed for staff whose job it is to respond to a fire alarm, rather than evacuate with the rest of the staff - normally security or facilities staff.

As an employer you must ensure that staff are appropriately trained. This course covers fire awareness, causes of fire, fire spread, signs of fire spread and how to move in smoke, plus practical advice on the use of extinguishers.