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safety liaison

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peer review

Kelburn Risk Management offer a review service to not only fellow Fire Safety Professionals but to anyone with a Fire Safety remit or concern.

We do not limit this service to documentation but will review process and procedures, systems and strategies as well.

We will review:

Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Emergency and Fire Safety Management Plans, Existing Fire Safety Manuals, Strategies and Polices.

licensing authorities liaison

Applications for License, under any enactment, by any Authority, including Environmental Health and Consumer Protection, may be submitted to the Fire Authority for consideration. This is because, not only is it recommended by some of the various Acts themselves but the fact that a License will then be in force in relation to the premises bring these premises under the auspices of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The Fire Authority may inspect any application, and most probably the premises themselves. Kelburn Risk Management offer a service by which we will scrutinise any License Application and ensure that it depicts all of the required Fire Safety provisions for that premises and details any and all Fire Safety provisions and procedures, systems and installations.

Premises under License, under any enactment, are then required to be in receipt of a recorded Fire Risk Assessment, regardless of the nature of the business or the number of persons employed.

Kelburn Risk Management can obviously assist you in this requirement, and would be better able to, if appointed at the earliest opportunity.

building control approved inspectors liaison

Kelburn Risk Management offer a pre-submission service whereby we will collect all of the relevant information for a proposed Fire Safety Consultation and present it in a manner and form prescribed by the Fire Authority.

We will ensure that all of the Fire Safety systems and provisions are depicted and detailed, in a recognised fashion and format, to avoid any confusion and allow the Fire Authority to give a quick and informed decision.

health, safety and fire liaison services

Kelburn Risk Management can liaise, on your behalf, with both Statutory Authorities and Professional bodies. We are trained and experienced in the methodology and modes of operation of Statutory Authorities and fully conversant with the terminology. 

Kelburn Risk Management offer professional and informed services to provide advice and guidance at the earliest stage proposals through design to completion. We can offer proposals, alternatives and solutions and even avoid costly, unnecessary additions and over provisions.

We can check that the proposed and produced premises is compliant with approved Guidance and Regulations or meets the functional requirements in another, acceptable way.

Kelburn Risk Management can support you with the burden of Fire and Health and Safety and allow you to concentrate on what you do best.

in addition to risk assessments AND AUDITS we can provide:

fire authority liaison

Notice of Deficiencies / Alterations Notice / Enforcement Notice / Restriction Notice / Prohibition Notice / Prosecution


These are the levels of Enforcement that the Fire Authority can serve upon a premises and the 'Responsible Person' for that premises.

The Legal Notices will be accompanied by relative Fire Authority Guidance and Notes and should be meaningful and drafted on the assumption that they will be acted upon by a competent person.

But what is the level of competency expected to be able to understand a Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Article 30, Enforcement Notice, let alone comply with one?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 itself states:-

Article 18 "It is a legal requirement under Article 18 for the responsible person to appoint one or more competent persons to assist him in
undertaking measures to comply with the Order".

"For the purpose of the Order, "competent" means a person who has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable him to undertake measures needed to comply with the Order".

The Order itself appears to imply that if you do not have the accepted competency yourself and do not appoint someone who does, then not only are you denying yourself any possible defence you are actually ignoring a legal requirement.

local authority building control liaison

If you are submitting an application and associated drawings or plans to a Local Authority Building Control to materially refurbish, alter, expand or extend your premises then, the Local Authority may formally consult with the Fire Authority to determine suitable and sufficient Means of Warning and Means of Escape from Fire.

If during this formal consultation process the proposal is found to be unsatisfactory it could delay the Application until an amended proposal is made, it could possibly lead to the Application being rejected.

Kelburn Risk Management offer a pre-submission service, whereby we will consider you Application proposal with regards to Fire Safety and assess and advise on, its suitability and sufficiency. We can help you to anticipate the Authority's probable recommendations and requirements, at design stage, and possibly speed through the Application process; this can help to avoid costly additions and alterations during construction.