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fire risk assessments

The fire risk assessments undertaken by Kelburn Risk Management are compliant with the recommendations of PAS 79:2007, the (Publicly Available Specification) ‘Fire Risk Assessments Guidance and a Recommended Methodology’ revision which was amended to meet the requirements of the RRO and also follows the Health and Safety Executive’s five step risk assessment process.

The fire risk assessments we undertake are bespoke to each premises and not based on computer ‘tick lists’ with prescribed recommendations; thereby in comparison our reports are produced in a format which is easy to comprehend, detailed in content and based on the principal of reducing risks at minimum cost and disruption.

As stated above, the fire risk assessment reports are thorough in detail, even when dealing with high risk processes such as flammable paint spraying and filling / decanting of flammable gases, but simple to follow. We have achieved this over the years through careful consideration of clients’ needs and providing reports where the user can turn to one section of the report and read in list format exactly what requires attention and where.

Another key benefit of appointing Kelburn Risk Management is that we do not just provide the service of the fire risk assessment, but we provide Free of Charge a full twelve months technical backup whereby clients can contact us during office hours for help and assistance in matters such as enforcement notices, alternative fire safety solutions, selecting a relevant competent contractor, assistance in emergency plans, and basic contract mediation. 

Furthermore with all fire risk assessments undertaken by us, you will receive an electronic Fire Safety Log Book to help meet your statutory requirements under the RRO, Free of Charge

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our risk assessment

We have developed a comprehensive fire risk assessment programme that is thorough in detail, easy to follow and meets the statutory provisions to enable employers to conform to the requirements of the RRO.

Our team of highly qualified fire safety consultants will conduct a comprehensive fire risk assessment of your premises with minimum disruption to your business operations.

Key Benefits:-

  • Because we're highly skilled in the fire risk assessment field, we thoroughly identify all risks that the untrained eye may invariably miss.
  • The solutions we offer are unbiased, cost-effective and could save you money in the long-term.
  • We are one of the few fully 'INDEPENDENT' consultancy companies in the country and do not present solutions with products that we offer.
  • The devastation and disruption to your business that a serious fire invariably causes can be greatly reduced.
  • It gives you the peace of mind that you have complied with the law.
  • It will prevent your company from suffering negative press publicity associated with non-compliance with the law.
  • It can help you avoid potentially considerable fines or even help you keep out of jail!

self assessment

You can undertake the assessment yourself; if you have the time and expertise to do it, all you need to do is purchase our self-assessment package which comprises an electronic Fire Risk Assessment template, Guidance document(s) and Fire Safety Log Book. 

Competency to carry out the complete Fire Risk Assessment process is an assessment in itself and if, after you have purchased the self-assessment template and guidance documentation, you subsequently decide against it, the cost of this will be deducted from the total price of a complete Fire Risk Assessment from Kelburn Risk Management should you decide to ask us to act on your behalf within thirty days of the initial order.

Nevertheless, for an untrained person a fire risk assessment can be time consuming and even then may not meet the statutory requirements. You may want to leave it to us. 

what is required ?

fire risk assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that the Responsible Person should either undertake the fire risk assessment themselves or appoint a Competent Person to undertake the task. 

The Competent Person undertaking the fire risk assessment must:-

  • Understand the relevant fire safety legislation
  • Have appropriate education, training, knowledge and experience in the principles of fire safety
  • Have an understanding of fire development and human behaviour in fire
  • Possess a detailed understand of fire hazards, risks and relevant factors associated with occupants at special risk within the premises